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Below are summaries of our Member Houses

Peer Review Homes

Serenity House

Serenity House Sober Living home for men.

A faith based congregate recovery program, providing support and guidance to men recovering from alcoholism and addiction in a safe structured setting. Serenity House strives to do this at the lowest possible cost to the individuals,families, and the community.


First Step Home

First Step Home including Transitional Living for Women with Children

Established in 1993 as a women’s only facility, allows pregnant women and women with children, up to the age of 12, to live with their recovering mothers providing an entire continuum of care to women with alcoholism/addiction.


Charlie's 3/4 House

Charlies 3/4 House Sober Living for Men

Founded in 1979 with one man offering a newly recovering alcoholic a safe place to stay for a short time, Charlie’s continues to provide a safe sober environment today for as many as 60 men in recovery.


Greg's Place Sober Living

Greg's Place Sober Living LLC Sober Living Recovery house for Men in Hamilton Ohio

 Established 2016, Greg's Place is a Recovery House situated in Hamilton Ohio (Butler County) . We  embody  12-Step philosophy  and utilize responsible, affordable , safe,  & structured methodologies  to encourage and build strong foundations in Recovery. Accountability, Encouragement, and Peer Support are fundamental.   


King Home

Kings House Sober Living for Men in Lebanon Ohio

The King Home is a Level III recovery House for men with a self-guided “Shelter From the Storm” program to be worked upon entry. The house was and opened July 1st, 2018 and accommodates 5 men and full time resident house manager.


Sober Living Inc

Sober Living Inc

A recovering alcoholic opened up one of his rental properties to recovering alcoholics and addicts in 2005. Today the "Sober Living" organization has 4 houses, with 50 beds for

recovering men and women.


Angie's House of Freedom & Miracles

Angies House of Freedom And Miracles Sober Living for Women

 A structured and caring environment where women can overcome issues from Alcoholism and Addiction in a safe setting and to do this at the lowest possible cost to the individual, families, and community.  


House of Rescue & Grace

House of Rescue & Grace Sober Living for Women

Established 2018, The House of Rescue and Grace strives to assist its residents with more than a place to live, pay rent and go to meetings. The House mission is to maintain an environment of sobriety, self awareness and financial self-sufficiency for women on their journey to a better life.

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Members with Treatment services

First Step Home


  The Residential Treatment program provides services for substance use disorder and mental health treatment with trauma-informed care for pregnant and non-pregnant women, who are least 18 years old.  The residential environment provides support to enable women to heal and develop specific skills to meet their recovery goals. We offer accommodations, when capacity allows, for children up to 12 years of age to live in Residential Housing with their mothers.  67 housing beds,  16 residential treatment beds.  We currently have 12 buildings staffed by 44 professionals and provide services to thousands of women and their children.    

Prospect House

Prospect House Addiction and Alcoholism Treatment with Sober Living

Prospect House Established in 1970 is a  long-term residential treatment center for men delivering Addiction & Alcoholism Treatment in the traditional 12-Step, abstinence based way.  Average stays of 6 months and longer in Transitional and Alumni Housing.  At least half of our 80 men pay rent but never in the first 2-3 months as they are engaged fully in treatment.